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Sedona Mists

These mists are created by combining therapeutic grade, organic essential oils in a base of distilled water, jojoba, avocado, sun-flower, safflower, sesame and vitamin E oils in a way that is safe, and wonderful to use as often as you like. They are excellent facial toners and leave-in conditioning sprays.

I currently have three varieties available: Balancing, Uplifting and Meditative. If you plan on picking up your order when you receive a massage then use the form without shipping information.

Balancing a gentle blend with Rose, Sweet Marjoram and Lemongrass.  Very effective for headaches and insomnia.

Uplifting  a refreshing, minty mist with Peppermint, Lavender, Blue and Roman Chamomile.  A wonderful way to start your day and cool down throughout.

Meditative This fruity combination of Lavender, Lemon peel and Geranium is grounding and stress-relieving. It soothes dry skin and restores moisture -great after a day in the desert.

Yelp  –  Amy H.  Napa, CA

2/23/2012 – “…I also must point out the moisturizing facial sprays that Diana mixes and bottles herself and that she has for sale…they’re extra nice. A *very* light mist that’s like walking into a fragrant fog, and the fragrances are very subtle and pleasing, and all natural. I’m fussy about fragrances, and hers are very pleasing.”


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